Who Exterminates Termites in Wichita, KS?

Signature Pest Control offers comprehensive pest control & termite services

Don’t let termites damage your home. Hire Signature Pest Control to get rid of them. Our team uses Termidor products for effective exterminations. We’ll spray the chemicals into the ground near your home to eliminate the invading colony. Since termites are prevalent in our area, we provide routine termite control services to prevent their return.

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Make sure your new home’s been inspected before you move in

Make sure your new home’s been inspected before you move in

If you receive your pre-purchase inspection report and discover your prospective property has termites, don’t look for another house. Just call Signature Pest Control. We’ll give you a free estimate on your termite extermination job and get started as soon as you give us the green light. This is one home investment opportunity you can’t afford to miss. A residential property left untreated will likely be infested in five years. Don’t let that be your home!

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